These classes, taught by Mike And Karry Johnson, will equip parents to develop and implement a plan that helps their child become the best they can be.

This class gives very practical tips on training toddlers and the importance of starting at a young age. Parents will be amazed at how simple and easily they can train their young children and create a more peaceful home environment.

In this class parents will learn practical ways of disciplining children of all ages and temperaments.

This class equips families with tools to create a safe, loving and learning environment for their children.

Morals and values are set at an early age. Through this class, parents can see the importance of starting to train kids while they are young and how to implement morals and values into their children.

Our society has let the child run the family and determine what is important in raising our children. Through this class parents can see how to put God first in the family and create an environment where the parents are the leaders.

Through this class, parents can be equipped to walk through the teenage years in a peaceful and enjoyable way.

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