Any time you gather a group of volunteers or staff together, it’s important to utilize your time to cast vision about the importance of children’s ministry and volunteering.

Learn how to take your ideas from a dream to a reality through the process of dreaming, designing, developing, and doing. You’ll learn how to assemble a team of people with the gifts to carry out your dream.

What does your organizational chart look like?

What do people in your church think about volunteering? In this talk, learn how to implement a culture of volunteerism to help change the way people perceive volunteering at church. 

Why did Jesus give these two greatest commandments and how do they relate to your Children’s Ministry?

Learn how to train your volunteers in a simple and effective way so they are excited and expectant each time they come to volunteer.

Learn about the elements of a children’s service that must be included each week for maximum learning.

Tried and true methods that will bring families back to your church.

Why is a creative and fun children’s area important? Learn ways to establish excellence in your environment.

The devil tries to steal our contentment as Christ followers. This talk will teach you how to fight back against various contentment thieves so you can keep the joy in your ministry

Discover why childhood is the most important time in a person’s life. Learn how to help children become the leaders God designed them to be.

Learn unique and compelling ways to cast the vision God has given you for the future of your ministry.

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